radyoterapi teknik servis

Technical support

Mesimed with its previous knowledge and experience is providing service solutions in collaboration with OSI who is one of the largest Radiation Oncology Company in USA. We provide technical support solutions under three main categories;

  • Preventive maintenance contract packages,
  • Preventive maintenance and repair support contract packages,
  • Preventive maintenance, repair and spare parts delivery services contract packages,

Apart from maintenance and repair support we are also providing following services and solutions;

  • Fault finding and performance test,
  • Delivery of original spare parts,
  • Design and project management,
  • Installation, relocation services,

Linear Accelerator Operation

Mesimed is operating advanced Linac systems in line with income share business model at oncology clinics of Ministry of Health. This well-known operation model provides clinically and operationally efficient radiation therapy with state of art therapy devices and authorized staff owned by Mesimed.


Providing physics engineers for radiotherapy treatment planning

We are providing licensed physic engineers for Ministry of Health radiation oncology clinics. Those engineers authorized for approving of radiotherapy device performance and also to proceed radiotherapy planning to give minimal side effect to the patient during therapy.